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Our renowned school that is “ Vidya Public School” had been established in the year of 2004. The founder of the our school Shri R. K. Yadav want to establish such a school in Gorakhpur which will become the best school in Gorakhpur. He developed the school in such a way that we are not only giving the bookish knowledge to the kids but also inculcating the basic Indian Culture . The motto of the school was decided “ Sanskriti… Charitra… Gyaan…” ( Culture… Character…and Intellect-Knowledge ) . So the school was started with a vast horizon and a little infra structure . Step-By- Step we are forging ahead to provide the best opportunities to our students, so that they can achieve the best of their lives.

We were feeling the lack of little ones in our school, so we had started our Playway in 2008 in which we were providing the best playful atmosphere of learning for little ones . In 2016 we have modernized our playway and launched with name of Achapal playway . We are proud of our Achapal playway , which is best in Gorakhpur for providing the each n every facilities (materialistic and emotional) needed for the little ones. Please go through our page 'Achapal playway'.

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We are having the best faculty , who are entering the school after a tough and keen observation . They are not only best on the basis of academics but also on making a healthy bonding with the their Students.

Emphasizing Indian Culture

We believe in Indian Culture and inculcating in our students the same . From morning prayer to wishing posture, From personal behavior to social responsibilities


Our students are secured inside the school completely . Our every nooks and corner are under CCTV Camera and gate is totally secured by trained guard so that we are able to create a foolproof safeguard for our kids

Individual Attention

We are looking after each and every student individually according to their caliber and weaknesses . Students are getting encouragement for their caliber as well as opportunities to remove their weaknesses


We are maintaining the complete hygienic atmosphere in our school . cleanliness matters a lot for us . We are developing the habit of hand wash , throwing garbage in the dustbin only , keeping their surrounding clean in proper way

Regular Progress

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ believing in the proverb , we are giving small task to our students. So that step by step forging them ahead to achieve their goals


Hours - A Routine follow-up of Our Students By giving them a proper time-table to selff discpline.


Days in the week Individual touch with our students By knowing their personal interests and Weakness.


Months in the year – we are always with you to Discuss and cunsult to fulfill our kids with best values


Whole session is enough to inculcate the values, which can Change them from top to bottom

Dr. Alpana Sinha


The motto of our school is “ Sanskriti , Charitra , Gyan” (Culture , Character and Intellect – Knowledge) means nurturing the intellect , traditional Indian Culture and Character. We are strengthening the roots of a child not only by the learning a lot but by teaching them in such a way that they understand the concept . To make them skilled in various activities , we are emphasizing on them like Art, Craft, Music, Creative Writing, Yoga, Taekwondo, Athletics etc. Our teachers are giving their best with relentless sprit and tireless efforts to prepare their students with full of determination to scale and conquer new heights.

We are running our Achapal playway in the best way, fulfilling our kids with self dependency, confidence and peaceful n cheerful personality . Our playway kids are going to become the pioneer of the world…. Just wait n watch…. This is the great treasure of teacher to see their students becoming 3 S’s “Successful , Supportive , Satisfied” So, we wish to fulfill great moral values and splendid proud towards Indian Culture and to keep our children always awaken for pertaining knowledge.

Mrs. Shalini Yadav


We established our “Vidya Public School” with an aim to inculcate the feeling of gratitude towards Indian Culture incorporating with modern education amongst our children and we are progressively forging ahead in our endeavour. We are ostentatious about maintaining the level of education in our school. We provide outstanding educational atmosphere with modernized skills by fully devoted and experienced teachers. Extra- curricular Activities like sports, different competitive skills and cultural programs are organized throughout the session.

By virtue of this we are intended to make ready a striking personality with immense human values to handover the society and the nation. We are ambitious that our children create their own place in the society by exercising perfect knowledge and by inheriting great Indian culture.

A Perfact Environment For Your Kid!

Achapal PlayWay | The Best Playway in Gorakhpur

For little ones we are the best We are providing the best Playway in gorakhpur that is a fully safe, motherly loving ,caring, emotional bonding to our kids.
Our learning methods are a lots of fun full ideas . We have attractive colorful hall to create the play full environment . Providing modern aged play items and learning tools , so that they can learn the new ideas happily without any stress or pressure.

We are celebrating different festivals according to our traditional culture . We celebrate some other days also like colours.. fruits… , this make the learning a fun for them… We are taking our kids for excursion to the parks or any other public places, so that they can interact with others and can be developed an extrovert.
Your kid is completely safe here, because we are keeping our premises protected with CCTV camera in every nooks n corners, Guard and Dai . We are maintaining the complete hygiene. Kids are learning the importance of washing hands , way of eating, use of dustbin and many more.
We are ever ready to meet the parents for the betterment of our kids.. We are the Best playway in Gorakhpur. “Actually we Adapt your kid to Learn… to Love… to be Happy and Calm… That’s why we are the 'Best'.”

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Vidya Book of School Records

toppers of vpsgkp

Himanshu Jaiswal

Achievement: Broken Table Record of Ayushi . It was 2 to 42, again broken . The new record is up to 52 .

toppers of vpsgkp

Ayushi Dwivedi

Achievement: Broken Table Record of Himanshu . It is now 2 to 36

toppers of vpsgkp

Himanshu Jaiswal

Achievement: Telling the Table from 2 to 32 in single breath...

toppers of vpsgkp


Achievement: Maximum word building (60) within 15 minutes from the given word...

  • “I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our
    society than any other single profession.”

    Abha Singh
  • My son study here, best school ,teachers r co_operative,principal is friendly n very caring..

    Jyoti Sinha
    Kids Parent